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Customer Case Studies

Lemin Healthcare

EdgeRay platform supports medical systems such as HIS, PACS LIS efficiently. Therefore the cutomer does not need to hire additional IT personnel for operation and maintaince.

EdgeRay HCC  |  Healthcare


Customers placed flexible services on third‑party public clouds, whereas stable and internal business was place to enterprise cloud established by EdgeRay. IT expenditure was reduced by at least 50%.

EdgeRay HC  |  Manufacturing

Guangdong University of Technology

EdgeRay HCC integrated cloud security products automatically manage and reinforce various vulnerabilities and effectively track behavior that circumvents security barriers.

EdgeRay HCC  |  Education


EdgeRay provides customers with an enterprise cloud solution that helps the customer building complete IaaS and PaaS capabilities, and realizing multi-tenant permissions and billing modules.

EdgeRay EC  |  Manufacturing


Asiasoft is one of the most famous online game operators in Southeast Asia. In order to better control IT operating costs, Asiasoft uses EdgeRay public cloud to carry nearly 100 game development test systems and gameoperations in Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia etc, greatly reducing their expenditure costs.



CDNetworks is one of the largest internet company in Korea. In order to meet the demand for continuous capacity expansion of data storage and reduce costs, customers adopt EdgeRay enterprise storage to replace traditional NAS storage. The overall TCO is reduced by 50%.

EdgeRay ES  |  Media

SZTU Affiliated High School

EdgeRay HCC can provide computing and storage resource to support for various business systems and carry the operation of various smart campus and innovative education businesses for the school.

EdgeRay HCC  |  Education

Heilan Smart Cloud

EdgeRay HCC carries the customer's industrial Internet platform, OA and test/development. Through phased construction, the customer can gradually upgrade from a small cloud to a large-scale full-stack cloud.

EdgeRay HCC  |  Manufacturing

Science and Technology Park in One City

EdgeRay integrates IOT platform and seamlessly connects IoT equipments in the smart park. Provides unified management platform to realize multi cloud collaboration for various Parks.

EdgeRay EC

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