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EdgeRay CC

EdgeRay CC provides a one-stop container with complete lifecycle management services based on Docker and Kubernetes technologies. EdgeRay CC seamlessly integrates computing, storage, network and other capabilities into a single solution that simplifies the deployment, operation, and management of container clusters. EdgeRay CC ensures that the environments in which applications are developed, managed, and tested within an enterprise are consistent by enforcing the same policies for every environment. This approach promotes fast delivery and scalable orchestration of cloud-native applications, prevents defects from making their way to a customer-facing instance, and saves considerable time and money while protecting an enterprise’s reputation.

Product Advantages

Open and Compatible

As a member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), EdgeRay CC is fully compatible with native APIs and supports unified cloudnative standards that allow you to build, run, manage, and secure all of your apps across any cloud.

One-Stop Deployment and Maintenance

EdgeRay CC provides onestop container lifecycle cluster management services, oneclick automatic deployment/expansion, and intelligent operation and maintenance to help you be more productive right from day one. Integrated Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) allows the most flexibility for all sorts of workflows and development practices.

Secure and Reliable, Flexible Expansion

Exclusive container cluster and isolation combined with Identify and Access Management (IAM) protect all traffic entering and exiting containers as well as the traffic moving to and from external networks and applications. Oneclick up and down scaling is one of the hallmarks of EdgeRay CC, allowing you to increase or decrease IT resources as needed to meet changing demand and ensure business stability.

Seamless Integration

EdgeRay CC integrates cloud computing, storage, network, and other resources and provides complete solutions for software, hardware and operation services, so they can operate as a single, cohesive platform for enterprises to streamline infrastructure and scale up resources.

Product Architecture

Product Features

  • Cluster Hosting
  • One‑stop Container Lifecycle Management
  • Integrated CI/CD
  • Microservice Governance
  • Operations and Maintenance Management

Cluster Hosting

With EdgeRay CC, Kubernetes clusters can be deployed automatically with one click. Clusters can be auto-scaled at a major scale based on specific business needs. EdgeRay CC can be used with Virtual Private Clouds (VPC) to protect cluster components and isolate logical environments in the cluster.
Dynamic cluster scaling allows you to manage clusters flexibly throughout application lifecycles.
Because users have exclusive ownership over their container cluster, they can customize the VPC and other environments to maintain the safe isolation of the cluster.
EdgeRay CC ensures segregation between namespaces to isolate teams and workloads for different environments in a cluster.

Application Scenarios

A customized CI/CD system for building an automated delivery pipeline that follows a complete DevOps process, from code submission to application deployment, replaces traditional application delivery methods with their complex deployments and slow iterations with improved time to market and unparalleled efficiency.

Features such as container runtime and application self-healing and elastic scaling address the highly transient rapid scaling nature of container workloads, allowing you to run applications in a reliable, highly available, scalable, and stable way across multiple infrastructures while catching issues early in the development process before they escalate.


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