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EdgeRay CC

EdgeRay CC provides a one-stop container full lifecycle management service based on Docker and Kubernetes, seamlessly integrates EdgeRay computing, storage, network and other capabilities, simplifies the deployment, and operation and maintenance management of container clusters, solves the environmental consistency problems of application development, testing, and operation and maintenance, and helps enterprises achieve rapid business delivery and continuous innovation of application architecture.

Product Advantages

Open and Compatible

A member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), has earned CNCF Certified Kubernetes Software Conformance certification and Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP) certification, is fully compatible with native APIs, is based on unified cloud‑native standards, displays adaptability, and supports cross-cloud migration.

One-Stop Deployment and Maintenance

Provides one‑stop container life cycle cluster management services, one‑click automatic deployment/expansion, intelligent operation and maintenance, integrated Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), and improves service delivery capabilities.

Secure and Reliable, Flexible Expansion

Exclusive container cluster and security isolation combine with Identify and Access Management (IAM) to achieve multi-dimensional authority control; business applications are elastically scalable, one‑click up and down scaling to ensure business stability

Seamless Integration

Integrate the various capabilities of EdgeRay cloud computing, storage, network, etc., provide integrated solutions for hardware, software, and operation services to safeguard container clusters and business application service capabilities.

Product Architecture

Product Features

  • Cluster Hosting
  • One‑stop Container Lifecycle Management
  • Integrated CI/CD
  • Microservice Governance
  • Operations and Maintenance Management

Cluster Hosting

Kubernetes clusters can be automatically deployed with one click. The clusters support elastic expansion and contraction; can be combined with a VPC to ensure cluster security, and integrate namespaces to isolate multiple logical environments in the cluster:
Users can manage clusters flexibly, EdgeRay Container Service supports dynamic scaling of clusters
The user exclusively owns the container cluster, and can customize the VPC and other environments to ensure the safe isolation of the cluster;
Integrate namespaces to provide logical isolation capabilities for different environments in a cluster.

Application Scenarios

Combined with a customized CI/CD system, build an automated delivery pipeline, build a complete DevOps process from code submission to application deployment, replace traditional application delivery methods with complex deployments and slow iterations, while improving service delivery efficiency;
Provides container runtime, supports application failure self-healing, application elastic scaling, and improves business application service capabilities;

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