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Medical informatization has become a key development direction in the evolution of the medical industry.
Faced with core clinical medical business systems such as HIS, LIS, PACS, and EMR, and taking into account the characteristics of the medical industrial‑complex, EdgeRay collaborates with third-party vendors to provide customized solutions utilizing private clouds, hyper-converged cloud, enterprise distributed storage, etc., to help medical industry data and business migrate to the cloud.

Solution Advantages

High Availability
The platform itself has a high-availability mechanism to ensure stable business to provide continuous external services.
Mass Storage
Faced with large volumes of unstructured data, such as medical images, EdgeRay provides high-speed and stable enterprise storage.
Data Protection
The platform provides multiple backup methods such as local and public cloud backups to meet the legislations and actual needs of customers.
Cluster size can be customized up or down, and the hyperconverged architecture can be seamlessly upgraded to the private cloud.
Cooperation and Sharing
Provide business collaboration and data sharing for metropolitan medical and county medical consortiums.

Deployment Architecture

Application Scenarios

  • Medical Image Storage

    EdgeRay enterprise storage supports the storage of massive unstructured data, and the flexible expansion of clusters, multi-replica mechanisms/erasure codes and other features that medical imaging requires for storage and security purposes

  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

    EdgeRay as the foundation of infrastructure and platform services, the infrastructure uses standard cloud hosting and cloud storage services to support the operation logic and file archiving of EMR system, as well as full-text retrieval and data analysis of medical records through various data such as DBaaS related platform services to support

  • Data Sharing

    Through EdgeRay public cloud, private cloud and SD-WAN, opens up the digital channels of medical institutions at all levels, and establish data sharing, open and cooperative metropolitan medical consortium and county medical community foundation

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